News in OptiGalv 4.0

The basic version of OptiGalv 4.0 has 499 recipes, all open for edit as you please.

New Calendar module, with automatic setting of Danish National Holidays. The Calendar controls together with the week-clock both lowering temperature at night and automatic startup of the plant. This reduces the cost for heating and manpower.

New measuring of the load will show you the exact utilization of your plating plant.


New capacity measuring showing how much capacity you have available in you plating plant. The operator then knows exactly when it is the right time to put in the next bar or barrel. With this system you can also have the control system automatic move bar or barrel from the buffer to the plant every time there is capacity for this.


New functions which can be turned ON or OFF: CALC_FRE,  CONT_VOLT, WAIT_TOP, DELA_ELEC, PULS_PAUS, WAIT_BOTM.


Here is the description of every new function:

The function CALC_FRE can use the available capacity better. In the recipe you have the column FREE and the control system will never start up a move until all position in FREE are physical free. But with CALC_FRE the control system can calculate when a position will be free again and start up this move earlier.

The function CONT_VOLT allows you to select rectifier control either as voltage or current control in the recipe.

The function DELA_ELEC allows you to have a delay on your electro cleaners prior to turn on power.

The function PULS_PAUS allows you to use pulse rectifying, even on old equipment without the pulse function.

WAIT_TOP and WAIT_BOTM allows you to brake the automatic control before cranes raise or lower bar or barrel and hereby set the plant on pause. This gives the operator unique possibility to manually control or spray rinse or turn items.

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